This week Zac and Michael take a moment to dive into the pressing issues of our time--is Doctor Seuss being canceled? Are Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion actually the same as Hitler? Should Lil Nas X have to retire the 'lil' now that he's built? Did Zac and Michael win the culture war? Tune in to find out!

This week, Zac and Michael are joined by Kim Kieswetter, sociologist professor and childhood friend to talk all things purity culture: the dangers of spaghetti straps, kindergarten modesty codes, and Kim's experience being an ostracized teen mom in the same church that taught a young Michael the dangers of Shape Magazine. 

This week Zac and Michael are joined by the internet's very own GRIMM! They talk about global supply chains, special economic zones (not quite as fun as special erogenous zones) and a fleet of badass NUNS going undercover--to fight international slavery.


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This week Zac and Michael do their best to  break Chik-Fil-A's unholy grip on the chicken sandwich. Then they talk about how the Democrats saved all those small businesses from having to pay a living wage. Finally, they talk about the biggest breakup since BENNIFER--Beth Moore and the SBC.

This week Zac and Michael encounter a crisis that is threatening the very foundations of society, a disease wasting away Christian Men™ across our great nation, the virus known as Video Games. We take a look at three articles from John Piper's desiring god dot com and learn that all God wants is for men to go to war and have sex--a plan with no downsides for anyone!

This week Zac and Michael are joined by luminary, designer and shitposter of shitposters Grift Shop! They take a look at Aaron Sorkin's movie, THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7! They learn that real revolutionaries always respect prosecuting attorneys and the troops! At the end, Michael starts a riot--but Zac and Grift remind him--voting leads to *real* change.


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And Grift's new podcast as a host! GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT

This week Zac and Michael have a confession to make about reality television--but not about the week they spent on REAL WORLD in the Vegas season. They also take a look at dead people we won't miss but we will mock with Rush Limbaugh and demon fighter, chanteur, and christian nationalist, Carmen. Finally, they take another look at the saga of serial assaulter and literal human cannibal, Ravi Zacharias. 

This week Zac and Michael take a look at some of our problematic favs like the Southern Baptist Convention, John McCarthur and Re-education Camps. They decide that snowball fights are bad and rules are actually pretty okay (at stopping the spread of a deadly illness and pandemic)!

In keeping with the orthodox theology of 90's sitcoms, it's a crossover episode! 

Chase from Faith and Capital joins us to talk memories of the youth group vomitorium and leaving children on mountains for God. Then, we pump Chase for info on what comes next for socialism in the US and how we as dirty rotten commie christians can get involved. 

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This week Zac and Michael take a look at the wild world of election prophecies as we slowly gather a collection of river rocks for an unrelated arts and craft project. We check Pat Robertson's prophecy batting average, delve deep into the cope lore of Jesus Christ: time traveler and have our first on-air hatemail read! 

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