October 13, 2021

Episode 82 - WE BACK

After time in the wilderness subsisting on locusts, honey and Israeli ecstasy pills--Zac and Michael ARE BACK! They pick up their microphones because the Southern Baptist Convention continues its ways of trying to eat hot chip, ignore sex crimes, and lie. Then they take a look at Pat Robertson's controversies--the story of a persecuted man.


On a more genuine note, we're excited to be back! Going forward, we'll be switching to a bimonthly schedule and releasing two episodes a month. Thank you for your patience!

August 10, 2021

Episode 81 - No Cuomo

This week Zac and Michael stare into the abyss--which happens to be a video of Andrew Cuomo touching people's faces. They talk about the fallout in Albany as America's most Italian mayor takes us for one more non-consensual ride.Then, they dig into a minister suffering from cancer and... a secret that you will not guess. Finally, they log onto Facebook--where they can get all the Nazi memes, anti-vaxxer content, and NOW CHURCH!


Check out Adam on Twitch!




This week Zac and Michael conclude the LEFT BEHIND series! Come for the   poison bibles and magical communion wine and stay for the President coming to assassinate the Anti-Christ with a porcelain gun! 


See you after the rapture, comrades

This week Zac and Michael return to the end of days where they decide that the most important thing is to get on Tinder! Only then, can they deal with this pesky anti-christ figure. In the meantime, the worlds FOREMOST RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR has announcement--that Shitty Christians is the best podcast--oh and something about the Messiah as well. 

July 19, 2021

Episode 78 - LEFT BEHIND

This week Zac and Michael finally take the plunge into the LEFT BEHIND series! They dig into the Kirk Cameron Masterpiece where they encounter attractive Russian AntiChrists, disappearing children--and the true face of evil--getting rid of nuclear weapons.

This week Zac and Michael open the pod with a confession of their sins online--no, no not pornography or video games--something far worse. Michael's watching Constitutionalists ask if they are BEING DETAINED and Zac is yelling at republicans on Facebook. Then they touch on the crimes of the "Indian schools" Canada. Finally they find a bible study that suits them--led by one of the insurrectionists on January 6th!


Note: Due to technical issues, the audio dips for a few minutes in the middle of the recording! Don't worry it's brief. 

This week Zac and Michael do a throwback and record a funny, light-hearted episode about how everyone is a cop trying to keep you down! They dig into Joe Manchin on the phone with his bosses (none of whom live in West Virginia). Then, they talk about Erik Adams, the presumptive Mayor of New York who solves any problem with a fun mixture of cops, corruption, and declaring himself god-king over the tri-state area!

This week Zac and Michael discuss the SBC elections where human skin-flap, Al Mohler, eats shit! Then they dig through the catalogue of men condemning critical race theory, abortions, and other cool things. Finally, they bemoan the left's inability to coalesce around anything except twitter pile-ons and more!

This week Zac and Michael are joined by filmmaker and content creator Christopher Daniel Thomas! They discuss his background as a regular baptist and adulthood being harassed by megachurches trying to imprison him for his *depraved* TikToks! We then dig into the history of Biblical Counseling, a world and discipline that Christopher grew up in the center of. Finally, they discuss Christopher's new Youtube series MAGNIFY, about re-examining elements of our faith!


Here's a link to  the trailer for Christopher's new Youtube series, MAGNIFY: 



And his twitter handle!


This week Zac and Michael talk about that hot new trend--faith based investing! Now, you can exploit people AND make a little bit of money. This is a totally new idea. Then they dig into a gospel coalition screed about how Pride is the new Advent--which sounds like an upgrade to our hosts!

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